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Hot Piece of Flash: Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals


Yeah, that's what the final product looks like. But, PETA's not done yet. Thanks to your work in making a disgusting meal, Mama has learned the error of her ways! Seriously, Mama goes from being, essentially, a heartless, uncaring, brutal meat-eater who wants nothing more than to torture every living thing on the planet, to a caring, nurturing, vegetarian messiah for all poultry around the world. The final segment of the game, called Mama Loves Animals, is more mini-games, only, instead of making a traditional Thanksgiving meal, you make a Tofu Turkey!

Now, with all that said, this game is really fun. Each level has 3 rankings depending on how good you did. Though, the rankings are completely useless when it comes to unlocking the final mode or any bonus videos, which sucks. But, the game is rather intuitive: each action feels the way it should, and is kinda fun. You never really do the same action twice (until the bonus level), and each mini-game is a little more interesting than the last. Plus, the cartoony-style of it makes everything you do a little more fun. The game's music is the kind of refreshing, upbeat folk you'd get from a bunch of hippies like PETA, but dammit if I didn't have my foot tapping along at times. Overall, this is a pretty damn good Flash game, even if the message that PETA tries to get across is completely lost due to the cartoon-like qualities of everything you do. Honestly, the entire game seems like it should take place in an [adult swim] animated short.

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