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MGO expansion pack MEME dated....

...in Japan.

Some interesting information comes about from this though. The GENE expansion plus(the one with the extra (character slot) will be discontinued at the time of MEME's release. Replacing it will be a MEME+GENE bundle for the same price(1500 yen/$15 American). There will be a MEME standalone pack for 1200 yen/$12 American, but only those who have GENE already will be able to buy it.

There will be a pre-pay service starting the 18th, where they can get their payments in until the update finally drops on the 25th. Hopefully this will help keep MEME from launching to the same fiasco that GENE did.

Hopefully, we here in America won't have to wait too long after for MEME. If you passed up GENE when it came out, looks like you guys get the good bargain, while us "early adopters" get the shaft. Isn't that how most things go though?

Source: Metal Gear Online Official Web Site(Japan)

In other news:

Log on to your MGO account between November 25th and December 9th to receive 10,000 free Reward Points. There will also be a lottery to select 30 people world wide to receive 100,000 Reward Points. Visit the MGO site for specifics.

Also, they got some Japanese guy to make instructional vids for MGO. The beginner vids are as you'd expect, and not all that useful except to...well...beginners. The advanced level vids are *gasp* actually useful highlighting the amazingly useful box, "dancing"(as it is known to the MGO community), weapon characteristics, skill maxing, and a few more things.
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