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Going on a few months now..

Some odd time ago, I attended PAX (and met many fun & exciting people). This was the last time I touched a controller.. yes this was. And so months later... um I bite my tongue every time I watch gameplay, or any trailer I come across. A list of the following occurrences without having a healthy dose of gaming
1) depression
2) gloominess
3) unsure
4) mixed up
5) I begin to see loop-de-loops in my sleep (sonic world adventure why did you do this to me!?)
6) the colors!
7) i just miss playing games period

Even with my list of "stuff I'd like to buy", my non-gaming sessions have really taken me back. I feel so strange without playing a game this long. Plus I'm due to be moving soon (and expecting a visit from a special someone) =D (*Thus my stuff is in storage until then)

So I weep charismatically in this entry..
Prince of Persia
Sonic Unleashed
Tomb Raider Underworld
Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix

Just a few titles to list.. sure there's many coming out "very soon". But those are on my "hey this I gotta play!" list. Seriously, after not playing any games for awhile, it does get to you. Another reason why I haven't been writing much here.. (sigh) Thing is.. with the NXE coming up, I really need to update my 360 (upgrading the hard drive). Since my system has the ever loving 20GB, and my list of games.. I'm going to need to get that going. (sometime soon)

I bite my tongue every time I read a friend's review of some title, to just writing a positive comment. I'm not a negative monkey, I like being a teddy bear.

So to wrap up, I ask you faithful gamer (and reader)
How long have you gone without playing videogames?
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Every story has a beginning.. and mine starts with the classic consoles. From Atari, NES, to Gen. Odd how things worked out, from blips to characters sprawling over an open world. Either by pipe or a loop-de-loop. Those times have passed, but still are a part of our gamer hearts.

Well my playlist thus far.. Pitfall, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, and many more.. this list could take awhile trust me.

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