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Just a little bit of "art" from WAY back in the day.

So, I was hanging out with a friend a while back and he gave me a little present. You see, a long time ago I was a frequenter of BBSs, or Bulletin Board Systems. I myself ran one in Fort Lauderdale that ran on the WWIV software, custom modified since I've always had at least a little skill in programming. One of the things I always loved were the ANSI artwork done for warez releases back then, and after a while I actually got to be in one of the groups that did a lot of the work for those groups as well as other BBS's that wanted cool intros: iCE.

My friend actually found a lot of the art (or what we called art) that I did back then and compiled it into a graphic so I could remember those days gone past. I'm going to share it with all of you, because it's a neat bit of history for me and I really would like to know your experiences, if any, with BBSs and the like. I'm sure there's one or two of you out there that used TAG, or maybe Telegard software at some point for your own hi jinks. But without further ado:

Now, before you go: That's not all original artwork! I'd like to say that most of the time people wanted us to reproduce their favorite artwork from various sources. My specialty was reproducing comic book art. I would also like to say it's REALLY HARD to actually go in by hand and reproduce stuff with ridiculously ineffective tools, which is what we had. You could only work on one screen at a time, so those huge strips of stuff were done 24 lines at a time. So please understand that it was somewhat of an art to bring that stuff over into our medium: 16 color blocks of text based graphics.

Now, If I did it right you should be able to click the image for a slightly bigger version. Thanks in advance for any responses. I will be posting some original art soon.
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