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10 things I learned this week: Laziness in Expressing Hatred Edition

Originally I was going to start this blog off with a rant about the Watchmen movie and how I thought it was going to be a pile of horse shit after somebody pointed me to a particular myspace video. But I am not going to because:

1. I have already expressed my hatred of Zach Snyder and his Watchmen movie on Destructoid numerous times and the people who listen to my insane ramblings will already know my stance on it.

2. I am not in the mood for starting something that will inevitably lead to a flame war. Chances are what I have already said will get me unwanted attention.

3. I am trying to prevent myself from becoming that angry nerd that goes to watch a movie just to bitch about it on the internet. Because I know despite my bitching I am still going to see the movie.

That, and I put doing this off until the last minute and am now typing this up at 3 o'clock at night. And if I am going to go off on a rant I would prefer to do so when I am not tired.

All I will say on this subject is if you have not read Watchmen, for the love of all that is holy read it before seeing the movie.

And for those of you who are dissapointed in the absence of an angry aborto rant then here is a little gift:

Now you cannot tell me that didn't make you smile...

1. Gears of war 2 is sex on a disk. I loved Gears 1 but christ, this is thousands of times better. Whenever I turn my 360 on I am incapable of putting it down. The original never did that.

2. Horde on insane is a fucking nightmare. Seriously how the hell can you beat that? practically everything is a one hit kill.

3. Collete redefines adorable if Hamza is to be believed.

4. Heretic is back from the dead. Crap, and I was just getting used to him not being here (just kidding Heretic, you know I love you).

5. Unstoppable Juggernaut wants to change his name and avatar. Jugsy, you change your name and I will dropkick your old ass!

6. Destructoid's review of Legendary makes me want to play it because of how that review contrasts with blehman's. Although I find blehman's impressions more trustworthy since I haven't read enough of Dyson's reviews to know whether or not I have the same taste in games as him. For those of you confused by that last sentence let me explain, with Destructoid reviews I decide who to listen to for game buying and renting advice by how similar their taste in games are to mine which I get from their past reviews or blogs. I listen more to Sterling and Grim's reviews because from their blogs I have come to realize they have similar taste in games to me where I am less inclined to listen to Rev's because I have long since realized we have very different taste in games. I don't know about Dyson yet. And now you officially know too much about my game buying process!

7. Char suspects BlindsideDork is some sort of blog making machine.

8. Snaileb is back! Finally! You have no idea how much I missed him. Now I can kick his ass in Gears of War

9. I missed the podcastle. I hadn't been listening to podcasts in weeks because I realized for some of Destructoid's podcasts the only reason I listened to them was so I could hear them answer my questions, which is an idiotic reason to listen to a podcast. However podcastle I always found enjoyable and I regret not listening to it for the past months.

10. Jim Sterling is finally coming to America! WOO! Jimmles is an American exclusive now! Eat it you European fanboys!

Now fuck you guys, I am going back to bed.
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