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Japanese Fallout 3 gets a serious shave


So we all know that the Japanese have stricter content policies in some areas when it generally comes to games, particularly in the area of excessive violence. Voodoo Extreme recently discovered on a Japanese language Bethesda board that along with the usual toning down of blood and gore and the changing of names of weapons and characters, their version of Fallout 3 will also be be missing a pretty integral chunk of one of the first quests.

"The Power of the Atom" bestows upon you the fate of the town of Megaton, giving you the choice to either disarm a nuclear warhead in it's center or blowing the entire place to kingdom come at the request of a Mr. Burke. This kind of serves as the waypoint into the main game, your first decision where you largely choose to be good or evil, so it's a bit of a surprise that it would be chosen to be completely axed but then again Japan isn't the best place to release a game where your first major decision is if you want to nuke a town or not.

The game is expected to hit Japanese shores on December 4th.
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