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[Short Blog] iPhone kicks it up a notch with NFS - Undercover

I like my iPhone, it's very handy, and I like playing games on my iPhone. But I don't really use my iPhone for gaming; at the very most, games on the iPhone are a fun diversion and have never really been anything but glorified cell phone games.

Enter Need for Speed Underground, the latest app in development for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Up until now I really didn't realize thel processing power of the iPhone. I new it was capable of a lot of things, but I never imagined games could look and play this good on a device this small. There is a demo on youtube showing an early build of the game that you can view here...

Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone/iPod Touch

As much as I am interested in how far the iPhone can be pushed in terms of performance, personally I am still waiting for an RPG to utilize the touchscreen interface, or maybe a Warioware like game. Either way, it's exciting to see such awesome things being done with the iPhone, it's being used in ways I never would have imagined!
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