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Marvel Movie News: Final Justice Edition


He also worked on October Sky, the live action scenes in The Pagemaster, and most recently Hidalgo. He was also involved with LucasArts for a number of years as art director and even had an uncredited role as a Storm Trooper in the original Star Wars. His work on Raiders of the Lost Ark got him an Academy Award in 1982.

Along with Johnston will be Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige as Producer and Louis D'Esposito, Stan Lee(of course) and Marvel Studios' Chairman David Maisel acting as Executive Producers. The film will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and will be shot at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA.

For those of you that might not find all this jargon particularly interesting but are, in fact, interested in the fate of a Captain America movie I say fear not, for it would appear our hero is in fairly good hands. Let's just hope they don't try and kill him off with a totally non-lethal bullet wound in the shoulder.
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