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Gaming dedication - A handicapped gamer builds full body controller.

While bumming around on the internet, I found an inspiring tale of a gamer that built a full body controller to allow him to carry on playing games. KitsuneNoYume, a member of the PS3 forums, suffers from Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, which (according to Wikipedia) causes rapid progression of muscle degeneration, but with this controller that he and a friend of his designed and built, he can play games again!

KitsuneNoYume says:
"Each and every jack has a predetermined function and whichever one I plug into is what's the switch becomes. so depending on the game I generally use the left analog joystick directions and the right analog joystick using my tongue. currently I can d 20/25 possible functions all by myself. I'm currently using 16 switches plus a joystick with my tongue. saving up money to purchase three switches that are activated by the torching of a muscle. once I have those three switches I will just have to have somebody take care of something like select which is almost never used."

Seriously, this guy is awesome. A true gamer.

Pictures of the setup can be seen here.
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