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Freedom Of Speech?

Are we so afraid to offend others that we must do everything in our power to stop that from happening?

What I'm referring to is the recent controversy involving Little Big Planet and it's being removed from store shelves due to the fact that it contained a song in it's soundtrack that included two lines from the Qu'ran. While its understandable that someone wouldn't want to offend another person if it meant that they would get in trouble for it, freedom of speech also exists, which is unfortunately something we all forgot we had in this country. There is a fine line between offensive and just using your rights to express yourself, and at least in my opinion, that line wasn't crossed with this particular incident. Add to that the fact that the song was written by Toumani Diabate, a muslim man, and that the song had been out for two years already, and it just doesn't make any sense. Why now? Why wasn't something done before? Maybe it varies from person to person (Some are offended and some aren't), or maybe its the fact that its in a video game (This has happened before in games like Call Of Duty 4), but it's not like the creators of LBP (Media Molecule) made the song. I have respect for the personal beliefs of others, but I also believe that the respect given must also be given back. Just as they have freedoms, so too do we, and if we are going to be scared that every time we do or say something that might offend someone else, well then I believe that the definition of freedom of speech has truly been lost.

But that's just what I think.
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