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BUZZ LIGHTYEAR TO THE RESCUE! (Or, come have a laugh at my expense!) [NVGR]


OH SHIT! Whiteboy wife sighting! She's gonna kill me!

Anyway, as you may have figured, this is my son and I this past Halloween. Obviously I am supposed to be Buzz Lightyear and he is dressed as Woody. We're an unstoppable duo. Fuck with us.

I would have posted the pictures earlier, but I haven't had a lot of free time lately. Besides, even when I do have free time, I've been playing the amazing (and amazingly frustrating) Fallout 3. Also, I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in seeing them, but then I realized that most community members would probably line up for the chance to laugh at Whiteboy0869's expense.

Yes, I know, you all laugh at me anyway.

Anyway, in the interest of not posting a "!shortblog" (it's against my beliefs, whatever that means), I figured I'd tie in the recent presidential election victory by Barack Obama somehow. If you've ever been in IRC with me before, you may have noticed I tend to rant about stupid things like how Muslim people in my town keep trying to get rid of Halloween parades in schools and the entire holiday altogether. Well, this year I have no complaints anymore. They stopped trying to cancel it. In fact, they even dressed up their own children and it seems like almost all of them participated this year. It was really nice seeing all these different people adapt to the American way, even if you could tell some weren't happy about toting their children around for some American tradition. They were happy enough because their kids were happy.

Nice shit, all this change

See, it relates to Obama. Feel the change.

Anyway, couldn't post this blog of me looking like a moron and my kid looking cute without posting one of my adorable daughter, who went as Cinderella but refused to wear her crown. Here she is:

Anyway, I'll be picking up Gears of War 2 tonight, which is my most anticipated game right now besides Resident Evil 5. I'll be playing multiplayer first, so if anyone wants to join me, you'll find my GT to the right somewhere. It's going to be a great night.

Godspeed, Destructoid.
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