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Latest Japanese CRAZY invention, needs MOAR Samus!


After the startling revelation in new gameplay that was yesterday here, this might be a little more suited to your needs. Who doesn't like animated girls at their becking call? And it seems you can do just about anything with (to) them, haha!

This amazing new device called a Dennou AR Figure is out in Japan now and come with the cube, some cards and the software to run the program. You also need a webcam to use the device and see the lady. If you really want it...will cost you about $125 at an importer like this. Only problem...you don't know how to use it.

Hardly new since the PS3 has been doing this with the PSEye and Eye of Judgement but the the application of this could be endless. I am sure you know where I am going with this. If I could have a Samus of this...my life would be amazing. Especially if it came with different types of armor that she could wear and turn into a ball. My dreams are too large for my pants...err I mean life.

But imagine having your favorite video game character on one of these. Might be a little cheesy and not for everyone but still, cool concept and DO want! Is there any character you wish you could have in a cube?
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