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Birthday Time - Revenge of the Age Rating


Another year is over for me. From this day on, I'm 19 years old. But why does it have to be a monday? At least there were no exams waiting for me...

Anyway, my actual party is on Saturday, so the only presents I got this far were from my parents and my brother. The latter one gave me Shadow Hearts: From the New World - which reminded me that I still haven't finished Shadow Hearts: Covenant. I just played it for a few hours so far and have to say that this is definetly one of the weirdest RPGs I've ever played. In a positive way, of course. I mean, come on! A ninja named Frank who carries a giant saw with a hilt attached to it as a weapon (or even better: a cactus)? That is just awesome.

The other game is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, which finally came out here in Europe last month. I merely finished the first episode but it's good to see the old characters again (especially after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney).

Oh, and do you see these giant squares on the boxes? These are the current age rating symbols here in Germany. While I think I can get used to them on DVD boxes, on DS covers they just take up too much space.
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