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Small Contest: LBP Kratos Costume/Package Giveaway

After trying multiple time to net a Nariko costume for my GF via a trade I have decided that it is time to give away my spare Kratos costume pack code on the best site evar! So I will post a link below where you can go to enter to win at www.game.......I'm just messing with you.

Contest Rules
1) You must be a regular on this site and at least have an avatar and one blog. Simple as that and fail blogs don't count.

2) Make sure I am on your friends list for the PSN (ID: Saffron) as if you have LBP and you have yet to add me that's almost a fail right there. Need to do some x4 player stuff to get those pesky prize bubbles!

This came up when I search sackboy and it's pretty random and awesome so I used it.

How to win
1) Post a comment on why you deserve the code and after 10 comments, or 10 minutes of no one else posting I will send out the code via PSN to someone who deserves it.


I will drink beer and smash the bottles on my keyboard and whose ever name I can spell the closest with the keys that fall off will win. Actually this would be a pretty damn cool way to give stuff away....hrmmmm

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