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Dead Space - Downfall (Review)

Recently watched the animated film, via Starz Encore Action. But is it what some were hoping for?

1st - The Animation - Very well put together, from the Film Roman group (mostly known for diverse direction + animations studios).
Overall the visuals of the film are solid, even carrying a comic book type aspect. From human, to creature, or background, top to bottom everything looks as it should (even when its pitch black).

2nd - The story - For those that have played Dead Space (you know what's happened so far). For those that haven't here's a brief summary.. A mining colony is sent to investigate an ancient artifact, only to find that they've awaken monsters from long ago. But once they've tasted flesh, they take over the hosts body only to seek more victims.

Sounds like your typical sci-fi horror flick? Same goes with the characters sadly, tough brash female lead (check), usual amount of crew that will doom each other (check), team that fights to stay alive (and cue the "game over" line) (check)

3rd - The acting - Although this is animated film, it still carries a solid voice acting cast. From well known actors in the industry, to a few surprises. But the lacking part? Most of the dialog is filled to the brim with one liners, and various bits of language (even a whole argument filled with colorful words) **This isn't a hard hitting action flick, its a horror piece.. (seems the screenwriter was a bit too desperate to let out their action adrenaline)

For a lead interlude it delivers enough; that said about the crew that was doomed once they took the monolith. Was Downfall actually needed? Maybe yes & no, its an interesting perspective behind the disaster. Another negative point, is that it does not have characters you really want to connect with. As I've read elsewhere, in-game with Issac is the main motivation. Yet if that was the premise with the film; why not contain the same level of creativity? (besides lots of violence and gore)..

As a stand alone dvd (or blu ray) title, asking for $20 is a bit much. Since most would watch this title once, or twice (if you're really into it that deep). But since there is a collectors edition of the game, it would presume to be more worthwhile (its really up to the viewer).

Overall - Rent it
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