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Mother 3 on my TV?


This is how I wanted to play Mother 3 on my TV just for the beauty of 2-D game animation. Well this is one of the best ways to play Mother 3 on your TV. I won't tell how exactly I did this because its starts with the letters pir... and little of ...brew This is one best things that I have done to my console. I give thanks to the Mother fan team who made it somewhat possible for english text.

I love punching the green dinosaur its fun. The music sounds so great for a gba game because it holds up well in the game. When I heard what was coming out on that day it was going to be released. I was going to post a video, but I was afraid so instead posted some pics of in-game footage. The only problem I have with this game is saving. It does save progress, but it just doesn't want to fully make a save file unless I made a mistake. I haven't been able to play this game because I've been busy lately with homework. So I'll try to play some mother game this weekend for an exciting adventure.

I'm only playing this game because I heard good things about the series lately. I do like the jokes they put into the game or the way characters act in the game. I could still strongly purchase mother series of all if released in North America someday. I don't know whats up with Nintendo not releasing some games in North America. I know we missed out on some obscure and popluar games that did not come to U.S. I know that Brownie Brown help make mother 3 and Sword of Mana for GBA. I did purchase Sword of Mana and it was alright, but there was some glitchy 2-D graphics in the game. Its very colorful in Sword of Mana and gameplay was good for a gba game.

Sorry for flashy on some pics.
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