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Quickblog: NAVA swag and NARP awesome

I'm sure someone has written already about the epicness of the Street Fighter Club meet this past Friday. We got to play SFIV in an old brick basement, with a DJ spinning all night on the first floor. Episodes of the Street Fighter anime were projected on the ceiling.

Dtoiders seemed to hold their own; Cataract and Casualweaponry spent plenty of time on the machines. I suck at Street Fighter and didn't enjoy the privilege of more than one fight at a time. Awesome bags of swag were obtained: a headband, soap, comic book, shirt poster, and dogtag (though my bag was missing the dogtag and I died a little bit inside). I didn't partake in after-SF drinking, but I did get to see a drunk guy yelling in Spanish with his nose bleeding all over the place. It was at this point that Cataract, Power-glove and I realized that this was an ATV trail, and we had to go back (to Jersey).

Next day NAVA was the "Night of 100 Prizes" meaning that Joe (owner of the store) was trying to get rid of some of his many boxes of game-related swag. I won three prizes: a Space Channel 5 remix CD, a metal Playstation flask, and a Prince of Persia soundtrack CD. With the help of Cataract, I also managed to get an SNES for $10 (from another NAVA member) and a copy of Aladdin for $2. I wore my Yukari costume and there were a lot of other people costumed, both game related and normal. Pizza was served, Balloon Fight tourney was had, and of course plenty of Rock Band 2.

The NARP after was pretty small as most people were either tired or had found something better to do. It was me, power-glove and Cataract enjoying some two player Altered Beast. I also introduced Cataract to my first shmup: Phelios for Sega Genesis. We ended up closing the night off with Wizard People (if you haven't seen it, the whole thing is up on youtube). Beer makes that movie infinitely funnier. I think I passed out around 3 am. It was more like a chill get together than a party, but still fun.

All in all a good weekend filled with lots of free stuff. I'm still convinced that DtoidNYC is the coolest mini-community ever. Thanks for making the weekend awesome, guys :)
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