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The FEAR: the sliver of life

I go on toying with the game, having fun with it, then look to realise that i only have one more hit before i'm taken out and have restart or re-spawn. Now i'm worried, dangerous, crazier then a shit house rat, tension built high and so thick not even a lightsaber or obsidian blade could cut it: the last little sliver of life.

It happens in almost all games from from tekken to zelda and its in those moments our true skills often show, sometimes they don't but the fact is when backed into those corners the only way thru is to step up our game and go balls to the wall countering every move, jumping that thrown projectile,blocking that shot, all just to get thru that moment of suspence that will eventually happen. And it will happen, maybe sooner, maybe later but it will happen.

We as a people have these incredible moments inside us when they happen and its those events that lead up to them that pushes us further then we might think otherwise impossible. Its life or the lack thereof that makes me fear them and celebrate them when they happen. If you call it a fear or a reaction is up to you but for me i fear those moments and they make the game just that much more memorable. I will reference that moment in mgs4 when nearing the end had us mashing the button to get thru the end, once that sliver of life is showing thats when we get up, screaming and hoping, just hopin i won't die so we mash the button even faster and more harder that we thought we could, i thought i would break my controller. Incredilble in its execution.

Maybe its those moments that define us as a species, maybe its something far more complex. Whatever it is its these moments that our colors show. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, thats bullshit. We should enjoy those moments in one hit endings of life, because that drive is to not die or lose. It is us and it happens in not only gaming but life, it is something that will remain with us until the end, like a cancer patient fighting for his life, its at end that we fight even harder, longer and may not be succesfull but we fight for life more then ever. Its the fear of it.

I really enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoy reading it and maybe have learned something about us as a people- Its the fear that can define us in whatever we do, just don't give up because we have so much untapped potential that remains to be seen and at the end is when its at the climax.

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