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Saint's Row 2: Real Muthaphukin' G's

I'm pretty sure I'm at only like 4% done with this game, but already I'm taken by it.

First off, I jumped on board the first Saint's Row in frustration I was having with GTA IV, looking for fun in a desperate way. Fun was achieved in all its heavenly glory, as my custom homeboy tore through The Row, earning respect as a top dog in the Third Street Saints. The ending, you get blowed up real good on a boat, which leads to end credits rolling as the boat smolders. You're left with that jaw opening feeling, as you thought you may have opened up a boat mission or two.

I fell in love with The Row, I really did. So, as I walk around town as Ultor has dropped corporate buildings all over my shit, my old neighborhood is gone. It's so OCP from Robocop, except the old man won. Only the church stands, which is preserved as a museum. The pain of walking around with the city changed makes it feel a bit personal.

Here are few things I have taken from what I've played thus far:

The physics of the game is slightly different. Taking a cue from GTA IV, some of the perspectives and physics of moving your character around are a step closer to realism. The driving seems to be a bit more chaotic, so that'll take some getting use to. The fighting system is awesome, with the three-hit combos. I've only picked up a crowbar and a kitana, but I likes what I got. The ways of impaling suckas with the kitana through the jaw is quite gratifying. Duel wielding some weapons was awesome, too. The gore is stepped up a bit no matter what weapon you use, which can only mean WIN. I use motorcyles right now, just cruising through the city. One is called Tetsuo, which looks exactly like Tetsuo's bike in Akira, so boss. While on said bikes, you can wield your melee weapon like one of the bike gangs, swinging away as you drive by someone.

The coolest thing I came across while playing so far, is the zombie mini-game. OMG, if that were an XBLA game, I'd buy it, like NOW. Its so good, bashing the living fuck out of zombies with crowbars, bats, and what ever you can find. Pulling out a fully-auto gat and mowing them down is quite awesome, as well. I imagine playing this game many-a-time, which will only make the game last that much longer.

This only comes from three hours of play, which only accounted for three official missions, a few activities, a diversion and zombie smashing. I'm so stoked as to what else I can find on this game as I go along. Hopefully, the longevity will provide good alternative when I'm tired of annihilating Locusts hordes in Gears of War 2 in less than two weeks.

Oh, real quick:

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