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Adventures in (x)boxing.


Also, the rapid price reduction, variety, and selection of their games library. In other words, I don't love Microsoft, I love their cheap games. Now is it clear to anyone why I refuse to drop the full $60 on a brand new game, when I can get the game for under $30 used, and deny Xbox any of that profit?

Why, Microsoft? Why?

Dear Bill Gates, you should be ashamed of the product your company sells to normal, everyday, busy people. You're lucky the games library is much more extensive and varied than the other game systems, or I'd have abandoned ship, like so many before me.

Also, your Microsoft Support page is written in id10t code, it should be translated to something easier to navigate, and read, and send you disgruntled e-mails demanding free stuff.

...Until one day, Bill Gates goes the way of Tony Stark, deciding his company is not in the best interest of the people � what with its greed and lack of any quality, stable products - and use his multi-billions of dollars to become a Superhero. First Windows, now Xbox...will the carnage ever end?

Now, imagine me, only setting electronic devices on fire, simply by entering the room.
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