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Watchmen Videogame: What to expect...

So I had contemplated posting a blog asking about the likelihood of a Watchmen videogame that would undoubtedly coincide with the upcoming release of the film, when it struck me that I better google it first, lest I be smacked by numerous, "Google is your friend" replies. Alas, I stumbled upon the following story over at MTV.com.

Now, my question becomes, what is to be expected of the title? Personally, I've never heard of the developer (Deadline Games) and I'm not familiar with the two titles referenced in the story (Chili Con Carnage and Total Overdose). What I am familiar with is the tremendous awesomeness of Watchmen, which I'm currently about 3/4ths of the way through. It's my first read-through and I have to say it is simply fantastic. I hope that neither the game nor the film will be disappointing. Judging by the trailer, the latter looks very promising.

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