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Wii FNF: Kart, Can we get some love?


This is what I feel like... I know the Wii sucks for online play, I know XBLA rules all... but is there no one else like me that's just got a Wii?

We actually have quite a group joining us tonight. About 8 players... it would be awesome to get a nice private room going where we could pound on each other, while chatting over skype/vent. So far, we have gotten 0 love from the Dtoid community, sure Mxy keeps saying he will join us (but so far has not). Mr Wilson likes to taunt me with his Xbox ways... but how does this help? really?
Or Blehman saying he can't play because he is lame,
and doesn't have the game

(hope that rhyme appeases the gaming gods)

So again we are Karting, only because no-one else in our group has Smash Bros (and isn't that only 4 player?). I might go pick that up soon to get some other choices on here. I know that there is Bomberman Blast and now Tetris Party. Any other suggestions?

Mine Kart Kode: 3738 0140 6156
Digtastik Kode: 2020 0092 3270

Same Bat Channel Same Bat Time: 10pm EST, going fairly late... post your Kodes below to join in the fun. Also I am kevin.craine on skype.
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