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10 things I learned this week: Aborto's gay for the Nemesis Edition


So I wrote a piece expressing my love/fear for the nemesis, who I consider my favorite videogame antagonist. Shit, I consider him my favorite videogame character. Kirby and Charmander be damned. Speaking of which, while looking for videos for that piece I found this:

I'm not sure why I find this so amusing. Although it is most likely because of how into it the guy dressed as William Burkin is and the guy dressed as the Nemesis is just standing there. Or maybe it's because it is quite apparent he can barely move in that costume. I also saw some videos of him in the movie that almost makes me want to watch the movie again to see if it is really that bad. Read: almost. The idea that he turns good is just so stupid it hurts my brain.

1. Dead Space is scary as hell. I can easily say it is the scariest game of this generation since the original Condemned and the scariest game this year. Not to mention one of the best games I have played this year.

Although it is annoying how cliched a lot of the game is. I saw how the game would end a mile away.

2. Some people were confused with my post about me getting on the leaderboards. I wasn't talking about the gauntlet contest leaderboards, I was talking about the Destructoid leaderboards. Why would I be so excited about being in the top 50 in the gauntlet? there is no prize for 46th place.

You are probably saying "but, there are no prizes for being in the top 50 on the destructoid leaderboards." Bitch, the Destructoid leaderboards aren't about prizes, they are about being better then other people.

3. Dyslexic is a dirty rotten cheater, Along with a large percentage of Dtoiders. Including me.

4. It is a pain in the ass to find videos of Nemesis. I was trying to find videos for my Fear piece and it is hard to find good gameplay videos of the boss battles. Especially since all of them are with people who have cheats on and the creepiness is kind of lost when people aren't taking any damage when fighting him.

5. Unstoppable Juggernaut is jealous of my success.

6. Blindside Dork is worried about RE5. I have to agree with him a little, and no, this has nothing to do with my Wesker rant. It has more to do with each new tidbit of information is making it sound less and less like a Resident Evil game.

I may be overreacting but damn it, Resident Evil is my favorite videogame series and I believe that entitles me to be overprotective of it.

7. Atheistium is an idiot magnet.

8. Street Fighter 4 is coming out this year. Which is awesome.

9. The Destructoid Beard club is planning a Beardpocalypse.

The manliness is going to be so overwhelming that even the females on Destructoid will grow beards and the Dtoiders who already have beards will grow beards on top of their beards.

10. I really need to get photoshop on this computer
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