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Street Fighter HD Remix footage *GOOD QUALITY*

This is a short blog but it's worth it, trust me :)

Gamespot (ugh) have released their coverage of their Street Fighter HD Remix tournament complete with cheesy announcers showing how little they really know about Street Fighter and plenty of mentions of some... thing called a "gaim sput".

Now this is all well and good, but this video also includes the best quality footage of SFIIHD in action that I have seen online yet, so if you want to have a good look at how the game has turned out, check out the vid.

Ladies and gentlemen, start fapping!

Key Quote: "The trick is to avoid the tiger uppercuts to the face".


*edit* Oh BTW it rumors are out that a Street Fighter Alpha (Zero) 3 fighter may be appearing in the console SFIV. Most bets are on Karin or R.Mika, who would you want in?
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