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Hell has frozen over: EA is no longer the enemy.

Part one of my two-part look at gaming giant Electronic Arts: first, the positive

Okay, so the title is a bit misleading, we’re all still allowed to hate on EA. I mean, fuck them right? How dare they improve NHL 09 to be one of the best sports game ever made, how could they have the audacity to publish Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Left for Dead and Rock Band 2, in the same year? Could it be that the all-powerful EA might actually be trying?

Let’s recap some of the good things they have done these past few years.

-Skate was a breath of fresh air and made me remember skateboarding games used to be fun. Skate 2 looks even better, as you can finally get off your board, re arrange objects to set up good lines, and they promised to make vert tricks actually, you know, work.

-NHL 09 is almost without question, the best hockey game since NHL 94, in my opinion best sports game of all time, it’s really that brilliant.

-This year alone, they will have their names on Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Left for Dead and Rock Band 2. Huge holiday games and I’m sure it will show in their pocketbooks.

-They seem to have stayed away from the ridiculous DLC they once tried to spit out. I’m sure they still charge for silly micro transactions, but remember “The Godfather”? They were charging real money for in game profits, that’s retarded.

-Burnout Paradise is an example of DLC done right. Unlike Microsoft which FORCED Epic to charge for the Gears DLC, they let Criterion release free updates (which are significant) to their open world driving game.

Overall they seem to be changing their image a bit. They have a long way to go before the can erase the harm that has been done to their image but, it’s good to see them trying.
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