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Dead Space Story Guide (DONE POORLY)

Yeah, my idea of a guide is putting little to no effort into it whatsoever and just taking shit from wikipedia and gametrailers, but I do think all this non-work is worth it for you folks out there dying for some explanation behind the Dead Space mythos... It is actually very deep and incredibly "MYTH"-terious as I might have said in grade school. (Thank you sthpeech classth) Oh, and before I forget, I know that a lot of you have seen all of this stuff. I'm really just trying to do one of two things: Create a convenience by putting all this material in one place regardless of whether you have seen it all or not and create an awareness for people new to the Dead Space experience.

Its just too bad that the game didn't flesh anything out very much, but its true, there isn't much going on in the actual game. PROOF.

You get your Dead Space story in two ways for now....until Dead Space: Downfall comes out.

The first way EQUALS...

These are some very nicely done comics that explain the events almost immediately before the entire incident on the Ishimura. Highly recommended that you watch before Dead Space, it enhanced my experience...if you catch my drift. *awkward wink and slight brush of the arm*

...anyway! Yeah check it out regardless...they're embedded below.

The second way BE...

No Known Survivors
A crazy website/point-n-click adventure/background story extravaganza. I found it incredibly confusing at first but thanks to the magic of Wikipedia, it suddenly all made sense. The stories as a whole may or may not be interesting to you. I personally didn't care too much for them, but found little tid-bits of information incredibly MIND BOGGLING. Well, not really, but my favorite example is a small video that plays, explaining the history of some lady who works there, but in doing so it also explains the history of Earth up until the disaster of the Ishimura. Very interesting INDEED SIR.

I'm Including a link riiight...here...no wait...here, to the wikipedia page in case you get stuck or just want to skip to a part that may have information that you find appealing. Just be careful to not read anything under the plot headline. Skip to the No Known Survivors junk and look at nothing else to avoid spoilers.

So yeah, there you go, its the best I can do, but hopefully it sheds like where shedding is needed.

It'd also be nice if you read this blog of mine...I spent a lot of time on it, but when I published it, it never showed up on the little c-blog sidebar. I think a lot of you might relate to it or enjoy it in some way. It made me sad that I couldn't get even a little feedback. Please make me happy, it'll motivate me to write part 2. Its kinda cheap of me to promote it here, but I really want to finish it. So I'll be desperate just this once. Thanks.




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