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I should stop by pawnbrokers more! I got GTAIV for AU$35

Just a little update, so I was walking around waiting for my mother to finish doing her groceries so I can drop her home so I can go and finish off CoD4..

As I was walking I walked pass my local pawnbroker, I never really go into those places but I thought I might see something worth my time till my mother calls me back.. I walked to the console section and I thought I was daydreaming cause there it was a copy of GTAIV with a price tag of AU$35!!

It was too good to believe, I asked the guy why it was so cheap, and he said, "oh it's got a few scratches and fingerprints.." But being the excited guy that I am, I paid for it anyway.. When I got home I opened it and cleaned the disc, and whatdya know!! I'm glad he didn't know the pure toughness of blu-ray discs :P

The so called "scratches" were non existant after I had cleaned the disc itself. After cleaning the disc it seriously looked brand new, I popped it in and I now have a 100% working version of gtaiv.. I don't really know what to say but yeahh-

Heres pictures:

hehe it looks better when you actually see it, in all its HD goodness.
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