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Ten games to pass the time, while you wait for the 10pm announcement.

At 10pm EST tonight the biggest announcement ever is coming to Destructoid. All signs point to a amazing contest with $10,000 grand prize! (Rumor). How can we possibly wait? Just thinking about it has gotten me and hopefully all of you wet in that special place. So here are ten game to pass the time, while we wait for the brick shatting announcement tonight.

10. BEN 10

Since you obviously can't wait for the hand to strike(analog clocks LOL) ten, you're gonna be thinking about ten PM until then. So why not play a game that takes advantage of that . If you don't know what Ben 10 is ( I don't blame you) it's the Cartoon Network's latest attempt to make us forget about Samurai Jack and Mega XLR. In the game you take control of Ben Tennyson, who can turn into ten different aliens throughout the game to battle evil aliens( I guess). Is it a good game? Probably not, but at least you can waste an hour or two while thinking about the big event.

9. Animal Crossing

Sometimes waiting seems to take forever no matter what you do! Will why not translate that 1:1 to the virtual world. Spend that time waiting in your Animal crossing village. Write letters about whatever to your fellow villagers. Make some cute "10" designs for you house or clothes. Dig pitfalls in the shape of a 10. And if you're really desperate you can time travel to 10 PM tonight and it'll be just like the waits over except pretend :)

8. Gambling games

So let's get off this time stuff (if only for a short time HAR). Let's start thinking about this announcement. There are sure to be some great prizes that are probably expensive to boot. If you're like me you feel your odds of winning this are close to none already, so why not better your self esteem by trying some gambling games. Try to get on a lucky streak, turn the game off and pray that luck transfers to internet contests.

7. Mario's time machine

Even gaming's public face (not master chief) gets fed up with time sometimes. So instead of dealing with it like the rest of us, Mario invented a time machine to indulge his time altering fantasies. This game is more about education and less about killing Bowser's mom while she is still pregnant with him. But who can resist this game, I mean look at the box art it looks like Lincoln is about to rape Mario!

6. Prince of Persia: sands of time

We already established we can't take the wait, and as appealing as going back in time sounds, sometimes we want to control time itself. Acrobats galore in this time controlling game.Did you fall in the spikes? Miss a jump? Get a STD? Just hit the button and reverse all your mistakes so you look like the most bad ass acrobat ever and it don't need any special medical cream.

5. Braid

Still want to control time but not a bad ass Persian prince with the flexablity of a pole dancer? Braid is the game for you. You play Tim (close to time lulz) just your average every day joe six pack trying to get to the love of his life the princess. Still not convinced this is a great way to make the clock go round? Even if you beat it, it will still take alot of time to understand it, unless of course a Rev rant spoils it ( screw you, Anthony)

size=18]4. Mega Man Power Up[/size]

So maybe you're not smart enough to travel through or control time. At least you can kick the shit out of it for making you wait so long! Mega Man PU is a remake of the original Mega man for the PSP with two brand new bosses and one just happens to be Time man!

3. Professor Layton

After you made time your bishe there's only one thing to do, sit back and enjoy some riddles !? Professor Layton is the ultimate time waster with some of the most ridiculously hard puzzle and some of the most fun you can have, when you actually solve those infuriating things. You'll waste away the time staring at the screen doing all shorts of weird logic in your head. Also, not to spoil any thing but even the story has something to do with time :P

2. Mother 3

What does this have to do with time you may ask? Nothing really, some fans having been waiting a long time for it but if you already knew that you wouldn't be asking. So why not benefit from their patience and get yourself the english patch and play through this game of pure bliss. Time will fly by as you enjoy the amazing gameplay, fantastic story and quirkiness only a true sequel to Earthbound could bring.

1. Anticipation

The best game to play while your waiting for anything ever. No matter how epic or small something is we are always anticipating it. A precursor to Mario Party and it has dribble speak . This forgotten NES game carries the most greatest box art ever and is the end all be all for all your waiting needs.
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