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Welcome to NXE: Here's some info!

This is completely legit. This is not a fake like my last 360/MGS4 picture that I personally shopped for the post. I have some news regarding the NXE. Apparently people like it and want to know about it. Go figure, right?

NXE was in Omaha for the PSP River City Open. They were doing their thing at the championships, "representing." All the while Avalanche X took charge of it all and won 9-2 against Aftermath. Shame all this happened August 7, 2007. But hey, never everyone has the time to update things...in a years time. Be easy on them!

Perhaps they don't have the latest news on the industry but they do have a nice shop with not very reasonably priced products! But they are name branded and who doesn't want "NXE" on their chest? It is a small (or large) price to pay.

And remember next time you are playing a game with some friends or talking some people up in a room with no movie playing, if there is no NXE...you are doing it wrong!

For more informaiton, hit up the official NXE website.
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