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"You can't win a Pulitzer for writing about Princess Peach."


Sorry if I come over as kind of a dick here, I like this site and its community quite a lot, but sometimes I don't get Destructoid, or gamers as a whole. On the one hand you repeatedly crucify every movie critic who doesn't take video games 100% seriously as an art form that is worthy of serious discussion every bit as much as film or literature. See Roger Ebert or, last week, Roger Moore.

And then there are statements like "You can't win a Pulitzer for writing about Princess Peach", which isn't from a Fox news show, but a Destructoid motto, where you insist that video games are basically nothing more than silly, time-killing fun, and that no one should ever take them seriously.

Ironically, when trying to proof how video games are equal to other art forms, the argument that is coming up mostly is "But I cried when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII", citing a game that is extremely cheesy and silly itself (I mean, come on). Do you really think you can impress Roger Ebert, whose favorite films include Au hazard Balthasar, Battleship Potemkin, The Bycicle Thief, Persona and Tokyo Story with Final Fantasy VII? It's cases like that when the seemingly splitted personality of the gamer ("Games are silly fun/high art!") unites into a bizzare whole.

So please tell me: Is the medium of video games, its possibilites and its industry worthy of serious discussion or will it never be more than a mindless diversion you shouldn't think too much about? Please make up your mind and tell me what you think.
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