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The Calling. Horror Adventure Game from Hudson [Leaked Footage]

I'm sure some people here would be pretty intrigued by that blog title. Well, I'll get straight to it then. If you didn't know footage from Hudson's upcoming point and click 'The Calling' was leaked last week. Here is the footage
that they never wanted you to see!

And there is probably good reason too...This game is likely far from finished, well...hopefully. There is a lot inconsistency in the graphics, and I really can't tell how much of it is actually being played. Could these be concept renders? It's possible, things seem to happen so smoothly. I don't know how to feel about this but I thought I should share in case there are some who missed it.

Desks look nice! Ghost doesn't.

And just for fun...

I sort of want it...

Also, I should note that I heard of this first through Gonintendo who claims that Hudson has commented; saying that the footage was 'stolen' and that they are mighty pissed. I'm not about to look for the article, so trust me, or Google it.
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