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Cellphone game crazier than Guitar Hero


Eat my cellphone now. : )
I just had to post this because it was so hilarious on a TV news than watching "Guitar hero DS" commercial.
A Japanese video game company got together with the nation's leading cellphone network carrier to enable users to play an Wii Music like orchestra with their fingers.

Taito has created the "Chokkan Classic" software for NTT DoCoMo's i-mode Internet service that lets people to pick their (cello, violin, flute, etc) instruments and the melody they want to play it.

To play it you users must either rub or move a finger in front of their cellphone's sensor technology. The sensor can be used to link several people phones to create their musical sounds of an orchestra.

Tricky, a Taito performer for the Tokyo Game Show 2008 played Mozart (not much of a fan Mozart)
musical Piece.

"Whether you are playing a violin, flute, or cello doesn't really matter because anyone can join and play as long as you're in sync during the session," Tricky said. I don't know who is Tricky real name.

Oh no this is going to out beat Wii Music okay maybe not. Cellphones are so advance the 3G mobile users, where phones are swiped at ticket gates or vending machines to pay for train fares or drinks. We are so behind on some types of technology especially the Internet speeds, bullet trains, better toilets.

I hope you enjoyed the video, with a good laugh.
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