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The Arcade: Episode 2 (Also I got 200/200 on Mega Man 9)


Hey Destructoid, here's my latest creation; a game show where I take 2 contestants around the San Diego area arcades and get yelled at by management for scaring away the customers!

We changed the formula around a lot more so it's a lot more fluid but still with the same good old arcade fun, so I hope you guys enjoy.

Also, I just totally got 200/200 on Mega Man 9 last night and I feel pretty damn accomplished. I feel pretty dumb going for so many achievements for the first playthrough though, it obviously got a lot easier after that, though.

First Playthrough -
* Whomp Wily
* Blue Bomber
* Trusty Sidearm
* Jitterbug
* No Coffee Break
* Destroyer
* Almost Invincible
* Invincible

Second Playthrough -
* Converationalist

Third Playthrough -
* Peacekeeper

Eighth Playthrough -
* Gamers Day

Ninth Playthrough -
* World Warrior
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