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Rock out with Dtoiders in Sydney

Well my little robot koalas, I have finally settled back into the groove of things here in this lovely country and as promised it is that time.

Rock Band will be hitting our shelves November 7th as well as Guitar Hero World Tour November 12th, now I may have mentioned back at the Indy night that I wanted to arrange a little get together and so I am doing it.
I will be having people over to rock out on Saturday November 15th to drink, play and hang out to enjoy the game.

Now I may not have big fancy plasmas but I have two good sized lounge rooms right next to eachother so we can have Rock Band going in one room and Guitar Hero in the other. I will only have one set of instruments but considering how wonderfully kind I have been to him with discounts and certain game lendings I have a feeling Wet Jimmy will be happy to help us out with a second set.

If you're wanting to attend this shindig email me at [email protected] to arrange

Who: Any Dtoiders that can make it
What: Guitar Hero/Rock Band party, drinks, food, general party stuff
When: Nov 15th 7:30pm
Where: My place in North Sydney, I'll give you the address privately if you wanna come.

More updates when I have an idea of numbers etc

Thanks guys <3 Liz
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