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Destructoid invades the Claire House Rockfest 2008


(Picture: Not me, but my friend who became knackered after about 2 hours. So why not cheer him up with some Destructoid?)

So it's no Download Festival and it's a few days late but I did go to this festival and I did wear the Low Tech Helmet. So here's my brief recap of Wednesday's Events, pictures included. (Other people that are shown in detail have been replaced with Happy Faces =D)

The night started off well. I went to pay for my entrance and of course had people questioning me on why I was wearing a cardboard box on my head with my excuse being "I'm away for Halloween", although Dtoid's URL was written on the back so maybe some people took notice of that too. It was nice that two of my friends recognised that it was a Destructoid helmet although that's only because I like to put the word in when we're talking about games. So the bands seemed to be the opening acts because they were easily the worst. That may have been because there were little kid bands. The band above were the best of the opening acts but they played Take That. Urgh. The worst band had to me these kids who played Basketcase and When We Were Young WAAYYYYYY too slow.

After a short break, things began to pick up when the school band started to play. Luckily these were pretty good and they tended to play some older stuff which was nice. They actually interacted with the crowd too, unlike the bands before it. What suprised me most was my old History teacher. He wasn't a bad guitarist at all.

Finally, after some kids who were younger than me played just 60s songs, there was the main act, Borderlines. They were OK but they were definitely going for the American boy band idea. I could have sworn that they played a Jonas Brothers song too. Eww. But at least they played an OK version of Green Day's Basketcase, as you can see below. The video gives a general summary of how well the bands played.

(Myself rocking out in an awesome cardboard box)

And so the night ended. It wasn't the best thing in the world but luckily I had friends and the helmet to enjoy it with. Plus my not so popular friend got asked to dance by a not bad looking girl and he said no! What an idiot!

(The crew at the end of all things)

(We're a team)

(Ladies love helmets)
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