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Destructoid invades WWE...again!

This past week WWE was in Southern California for their RAW taping and yet again I was there with a couple signs. However, unlike the previous invasions, this time I ended up getting a sign confiscated mid-show. Apparently it's against WWE's unwritten rules to hold your sign up 6 times during the opening segment when the camera is pointed RIGHT at you. Or maybe they just thought it was some weird sexual thing. Whatever, it's picture time!

First up, the inside joke from PAX that ended up becoming a mini-meme when the sign got confiscated. TACCOOOO MEAT!

After the sign got confiscated, some nearby crowd people asked what the sign said and proceeded to join in when me and my friend tried to start a "WE WANT TACO MEAT" chant. They also would randomly yell Taco Meat when things got a bit quiet/boring. It was totally awesome.

Next up, the obligatory shout-out to an awesome DToider I met at PAX:

Tactix...heeeyyyyyyyy! It was hard getting a screen shot of the whole thing, but it was easily readable on TV.

Speaking of people from PAX, our good friend Black Yoshi managed to make an appearance:

And of course, it wouldn't have been much of an invasion without this sign:

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