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Update: I got my PS3, now what to do? :P


So I just finished setting my PS3, and I must admit that I'm a sucker for good looking things, even if you say it was inferior, it looks great! all black and shiny.. It matches with my sound system and LCD hehe. >_<"

I've been trying to browse around the settings and also took time to browse the PSN Store and even though that there weren't as much content as XBL, I'm satisfied with it, everything runs so smooth and also the XMB and gah! the free themes! the simplicity of everything just ties everything in a sweet package. I don't mean to sound like mr nintendo 64 kid [http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU]

But ahh I guess it's cause I haven't had a new gadget to tweak around in a while, and what the hell is [email protected]! Right now I'm just on google, searching away for cool things I can do with my PS3, it's kind of been a ritual for me though, like every new gadget that I get I always take read the manual not for instructions but for the small things that I can do, I always need to know what capabilities my new toy has, Eh it's just the tech nerd that's inside of me.

Well anyway, I'll let you guys go ahead with whatever you're doing, see ya.
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