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LittleBigPlanet GET, review coming after launch

<p></p><p>Imagine my surprise when THIS arrived today. Well, I can't say I'm too surprised -- the game finally hits retail next week. Of course, you should prepare yourself for a review but there's a catch: it won't be until (at least) a few days after the game's release. </p><p>Why? As Sony put it in the letter included with my package, I won't be able to "connect online to explore these options until the production servers are activated on Oct 21." They do mention that in the meantime, we can get a taste of it in the beta; alternately, Sony is willing to provide us with details for our review. Problem is, before reviewing a game we NEED to test these modes in a real world setting, along with other players. It would be like reviewing Call of Duty: World at War, not playing the final multiplayer, but just reviewing it based on the beta. Not happening. </p><p>I'm going to begin playing tonight, and may write up some detailed impressions of the game which I may later roll into the final review. Stay tuned!</p>
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