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Castlevania: The Arcade game??

This might be old news to some of you but yep, there is a Castlevania arcade game... who knew?

Basically the game seems to work as a first person lightgun-esque game except you have motion-sensitive whip controllers. Now that is something different, also it's two player so you can stand side by side whipping the shit out of skeletons and vampires and whatnot to your hearts delight.

I can't help but imagine that somebody playing this might get a bit excited and accidentally smack some passerby with a whip handle, but hey nobody said hunting down Dracula was going to be easy.

If I see this in an arcade I may give it a shot, depending on if I haven't spent all my dosh on getting my ass kicked in StreetFighter IV that is :)


Found on arcadeheroes.com
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