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The Best Gaming Webcomic You've Probably Never Heard Of.

I read way too many webcomics already, with about 14 odd ones crammed into my favorites tab that I check regularly, and all but a few of those being video-game related in some manner.

Now, we all are probably familiar with the general format of the gaming webcomic, consisting of two or three stereotypical gamers that are supposed to be the authors’ extension of his wish to be cool, accepted, and witty. We’re all probably pretty damn sick of that formula as well (you know you’ve made it big when Yahtzee jumps on the bandwagon of hate).

So one day, I get a message from one of my friends with the site of comic that he tells me (and I quote) “is the shit.” But being the jaded internet denizen that I am, I put off actually reading it until it’s past eleven o’clock at night, and I’m trying desperately to avoid writing chemistry lab reports. What do I find?

One of the freshest, simplest, and funniest gaming comics I’ve read in a long time.

“Brawl in the Family” (Ba-dum-pish!) strays from the clichéd setup of most gaming comics by not involving the author, or any other “real” characters for that matter. In fact, a lot of strips don’t even involve dialogue! With such a large reliance on visual puns and gags, this comic portrays and lampoons favorite characters like Kirby, Captain Falcon, and Mario with a sort of innocence that a lot of webcomics seem to have lost.

In the sea of mediocre webcomics that one has to filter through nowadays, it’s really great to see some fresh new talent stand out. If there’s a series that deserves more attention, it’s this one. So check it out, and if you like it, spread the word!

(Check out the embedded photos as well, I have my favorites included down there, I couldn't fit them all into the post itself!)
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