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One of the coolest draws to controlling the little endearing Sackboy is that in addition to the typical run, jump, and grab platforming fare, Sackboy's body, arms, head, mouth, and expressions are posable. Granted this may be a bit of a novelty, but being able to slap someone off a cliff or moving vehicle will often result with hilarity. The arms are easily mapped to the analog sticks with a press of the shoulder buttons and the head and body can be manipulated using the sixaxis motion control. What most people don't know is that Sackboy's mouth will actually mimic whatever sound is heard through a player's headset.

The creator of this video took that idea, played some music into the headset, and added a little choreography. The rapping segments in particular really impress. The ending is awesome as well but I won't ruin that for you.

Is this "gay" enough for you, Mr. Sadistic?
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