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Unemployed Gaming

Man I haven't typed a blog in so long, I forgot how it felt like! To those who don't know, I've typed 30+ blogs before, just out of boredom, random interest, or both.

Recently I've been mislead by a temp company, so I'm jobless. Being unemployed that I am, I've been applying for jobs pretty much every day, like front desk office stuff. Seeing I've been home pretty much forever, all I can do(that's money saving), is play video games. If you're thinking "you can still go out and do stuff", put yourself in my situation, holding on to all the money you have, and then rethink what you just thought.

I bought a 360(with gamestop store credit, mind you) about 2 months ago, and it's been getting plenty play time. At one point I used to hate the 360(or just anything that wasn't Nintendo in general) back in the day, but my one track view on stuff is gone out the window. So I own a 360, PS2, Wii and a DS. I've been playing the hell out of Soul Calibur IV, GTA IV, Team Fortress 2, Burnout Paradise and Bioshock. I also have Lost Planet Colonies, but that frustrates me to no end. But it's still a great game, its sort of like Mega Man X in 3D.

SCIV's character creation mode is addictive, and the online is mostly fun. You will run across people that constantly bitch about stupid shit. GTA IV is good, but I like San Andreas better. While GTA IV has the tech, San Andreas had a crap load of stuff for you to do and explore. I still miss exploring those wild lands. Eternal Sonata is your traditional JRPG with a really great combat system. It comes out this month on the PS3 with extra stuff. I hope we'll get that stuff as DLC soon. And desptite the console version of Team Fortress 2 being limited compared to the PC version, I still believe it's the best and most fun online based shooter I've ever played. It's comical and whimsical art style delivers and the gameplay is balanced enough for you to constantly rethink your strategies as opposed to just shooting blindly or being just "anyone"(as me and Greg experienced playing the other night, stupid team mates).

Mega Man 9 was a pleasant surprise, and while it was tough, if you grew up in the 90s, chances are you have a high tolerance for hard games. I managed to snag the Achievement for beating the 8 bosses with the Mega Buster, so it's not THAT hard. Just takes lots of patience. The visuals and audio are awesome, so chiptune, 8-bit style.

On the PS2 I've been playing devoting my life to Persona 3 FES. It's definitely something that's not for everyone. Before anyone says it's "overrated", I'm going to take this time out to point out FFVII, and even though I'm a fan of it myself, think its overrated as well. But anywho, no cheap shots. It's really just a dungeon grinder with elements of social interpersonal elements. But really, I just see it as a much more advanced Pokemon, just with the theme of devils and such. I'm definitely enjoying it though. 100+ hour RPG? Count me in.

On the Nintendo side of things, casual Brawl outings here and there, the game everyone's been waiting for on the VC: Super Mario RPG, has been beaten like 4 times already, and I love Kirby Super Star Ultra. So with SMRPG and KSSU out, it feels like 1996 all over again. I just hate the inevitable fact the music in Kirby is still good, but a little bit tinier than the original. But it's tolerable. The new mini-games rock too.

Tokyo Game Show 2008 was pretty awesome, I can't wait for everything(almost everything to come out). Definitely one of the best shows I've seen.

I'm sure there are some people that was like "tl;dr", but for those of you who read this, uhh, thanks. Hopefully I'll find a job soon. But until then, it's back to more unemployed gaming and news report readin'.
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