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Europe gets the shaft again - Silent Hill:Homecoming delayed until February 2009


Europeans are used to getting the shaft, whether there's excuses for it or not, but we haven't had it too bad in the last few months. After all the major releases for this and the next few months are all coming out over here on time. Well, until now.

From CVG comes the news of Konami announcing that Silent Hill: Homecoming will be delayed in Europe until February 2009, for seemingly no reason. Of course there's the language barrier but that hasn't stopped previous Silent Hill games and it's not as if the game has had bad reviews. Either way, being a Silent Hill fan, this isn't very good news and as CVG points out, this means that Silent Hill: Homecoming will now be released a month before Resident Evil 5. Could this be a possible reason for it's delay? I doubt it but either way not good news indeed.

via CVG
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