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CoD World at War Beta: Who's In?


Much to my surprise I got an email this morning containing a code for the Call of Duty World at War Multiplayer Beta. I remember hearing a few weeks back that registering at would net me a beta key. Since then, I'd forgotten all about it, figuring I registered too late or something.

Nope. Apparently I wasn't too late. I have no idea if they're still doing this, but it can't hurt to set up a profile over there just in case.

For those out of the loop, World at War's multiplayer is incredibly similar to CoD4's. They've added new stuff like tanks and dogs. Dogs that apparently feed solely off of humans. Dogs that haven't even fucking HEARD of Kibbles 'n Bits. But apart from that, they've kept the leveling system, upgrades, challenges, etc. from Call of Duty 4.

However, the point of this blog was not to discuss the Beta. I wanted to know if any of you (and I'm sure a lot of you have) got in.

My gamertag is just like my DTOID handle: Gamer Named Tim (don't forget the spaces!).

Feel free to add me and shoot me a message so we can party up!

I suppose I'll end this blog with a question.

What do you think of the Beta?

If you're NOT in the Beta, what do you think of World at War in general?
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