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Maiden Masher

SNKP has been quiet over the past few months, until recently. With unveilings of various titles on the way, KOF2k2UM (a remix edition of 02 - using the Neowave engine), and KOFXII (the new wave for the series). Surprisingly enough, the move to HD has really pushed this series even more; with many videos showing up youtube and various other sites as well.

A few keypoints for these two entries..
- Both keep the same gameplay aesthetics they are known for
- Bringing back a familiar artists for 02UM, and another talented name for XII
- And who knows what other surprises may be in store?

In some interview, SNKP hinted at "keeping an eye at their rivals".

With Capcom's flagship title Street Fighter IV making its mark. SNKP may definitely have a chance to get some limelight, just like they used to. (even though the series has had its significance over the years, this is definitely a "rebirth") Seems like their rivalry with Capcom may never end.

What's your two cents about both longtime fighters making a comeback?
And what are some of your fondest memories?
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