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High Voltage 1st Wiiware


A new upcoming nintendo wiiware racing game made by High Voltage. The ones who are making the game "Conduit" for Wii console which now has a publisher. That conduit game will be released by March 2009 for north America launch date. I would purchase this game on day one because of how Conduit is coming along on the Wii. It seems to have 4 players multi-play (maybe online), six wild tracks, and five racer to go. Music seems alright for this game, but lets see what else will be in this game, maybe hidden secrets (DLC).

I use Super Off Road on nes, which was a fun little game back. I first played at a store called Montgomery Ward which had nintendo entertainment system displayed with a nice big tv. Montgomery Ward does not exist in my town anymore, which is now an Ikea store. Maybe Super off Road will show up on virtual console some day.
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