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The Sickest, Most Offensive Book I Have Ever Read aka This Book Fuckin' Rocks aka This Blog Has Been A Long Time Coming

Wow, I can't believe I'm still writing on my D-toid blog. It's not like I have a fan base or anything... Still I get a kick out of posting my thoughts on a board full of strangers, so have at it. It has been far too long.

Ever since school started again here in LA I've been up to my ass in homework, chores and general dickery which has prevented me from posting my inane, rambling, incomprehensible thoughts on D-Toid.

Anyway, onto my main topic. About a month ago I had the pleasure/misfortune of having read Warren Ellis's Crooked Little Vein, a little book of about 200+ pages that reads like a hardcore fetish porno crossed with the best of Raymond Chandler or your favorite mystery auteur. Micheal McGill, a PI stuck in LA finds his services requested by the White House Chief of Staff, a drug fiend, who wants him to find the "real" Constitution of the United States, one bound in the skin of an alien who pestered Ben Franklin on his voyage to France to treaty with the dirty Europeans. Yeah...

The book includes encounters with Godzilla bukkake fetishists, saline solution injections to the balls and various other curiosities found across the good 'ol wholesome US of A. Near the end of the book there's an encounter with a serial killer aboard an airplane that left me with chills. Pure poetry.

Ellis, like many foreign writers, seems to understand our country better than us. He shows it for what it is: a weird, morbid place full of various weirdos and freaks, all of them just a little less strange than we would like them to be. They are after all just regular Americans who happen to be into something kinky. And really, who isn't? As far as I can tell, there's nothing wrong with that.

Any of you guys read it? Other recommendations from Warren Ellis or other authors?
Leave your comments below.

here's the amazon link

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