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*TGS* Aftermath-MGO World Tournament 2008

Around mid-day today(Japan time), Konami held the MGO world tournament live at TGS.
There was a live stream on the MGO web site, but considering the time zone difference,
here in the states, it was shown after midnight.

The best teams from all over the world(of legal age) were flown in to Japan paid for by
Konami. There was a LAN setup for 8 teams(if im not mistaken, I missed the first few

You can stay tuned to JJBBlive.com where the whole stream(125 mins) will be set
on a repeat loop on channel one until Monday(though it doesn't seem like he started the
loop yet).

Tournament Spoilers ahead:

Things almost went without a hitch, but in the semi-final match between Japanese team Rita
and North American team KoK, someone from team RITA lost the connection to the
match(proving that we should never trust Konami with computer networks). This forced a
match restart(after the mods noticed 2 mins later). Some were quick to say that Japan was
covering its own ass, but the disconnection ocurred less than a minute in(and they just took
a while to notice).

The finals came down to the other American team, WiN, and RITA. The match was Capture
on Grozny Grad. WiN put up a decent effort in the two rounds, but was, in the end, SMOKED
by RITA.

There was an individuals tournament also, but I missed it. I saw the result though, and the
Japanese guy won that event also.

Heres a slide show recap of the tournament(I did not make, missing the finals match;
Warning: Rap music):

Semi-final match, WiN vs. PBO(Germany) round 1:

Round 2:


I'd like to say there are more vids(including the final match) but there aren't. I think the
MGO site is suppose to update with coverage of the tournament after TGS ends, so you
could look out for that too. I'll update this post if I find any more vids.
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