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Game Run! 10/10/08- MASSIVE update! NES and loads of games.


Every week or so, I do a "game run" when I'm in town, systematically going to every store that would sell used games and seeing what I can dig up. I usually find at least one good deal, however, I've never had a place to share my excitement for the treasures that I uncover until now...

I haven't updated in a LONG freaking time! This is pretty much everything I've bought in the last few weeks, I may have left out a couple of things, but oh well.

Game Run! 10/10/08

1. Nintendo Entertainment System

System: Ummm... NES?
Store: Someone who didn't realize that these sell for $90.00 at Vintage Stock
Price: $10.00

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I finally got a new NES! My old one got sold in a garage sale when I was a kid... Now I can start collecting NES games for real cheap. I found a person wanting to sell it in the classifieds and called them up! It was 10 dollars and it's in great condition. However, the next weekend I found two NES's for $3.00 each at the flea market, so that ticked me off. Oh well though! I got an NES!

2. A bunch of games I borrowed from my friend Anthony

System: NES
Store: Anthony's House
Price: Free

I didn't have any games for my NES when I bought it, but I wanted to play it so bad... So my friend and fellow retro gamer let me borrow a few games which were Castlevania, Xevious, Ninja Gaiden, and Bionic Commando. Yeah, he's awesome.

Ninja Warriors, Gradius 3, & Sparkster

Ninja Warriors:

Gradius 3:


System: SNES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $4.95 on all

These are all the games I bought for my SNES in that last few weeks.

Ninja Warriors: An awesome side-scrolling beat em' up that has a fairly complex combat system and beautiful graphics. Lots of explosions and manliness. You should definitely check it out. It has a surprise ending that I found... Sad in a lot of ways.

Gradius 3: One of, if not the best shooter on the SNES. It's definitely the best Gradius game and has a really cool system that lets you construct your own ship. Totally worth the price.

Sparkster: I bought Rocket Knight Adventures a couple of months back and loved it, so when I found out there was a sequel for the SNES, I was floored. I thought the graphics would be a little better, but they're sill great. Maybe that's just because they did such an awesome just pushing the Genesis to it's limits, I thought they push the SNES as well, but it is a beautiful platformer/action game. It feels a lot like a treasure game actually.

3. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

System: NES
Store: Vintage Stock
Price: $.95

Well, I needed at least one Mario game to play and this is the cheapest one.

If you haven't played the game... It's freaking Mario.

4. Ghosts n' Goblins

System: NES
Store: Vintage Stock
Price: $4.95

I love this game so much, but it's the hardest stinkin' game I've probably ever played. I love people who see me playing it and are like "What is this crap?" and I just say "Too hardcore for you." it's even better when they try to play and die in the 10 seconds.

If you haven't played the game...it's a sidescolling platformer/action game. The princess has been kidnapped, it's up to you, blah blah blah.

5. Demon Sword

System: NES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $1.95

I played this game for the first time in Jr. High when a friend of mine bought it used. I've never heard of it from many other people, but I love this game. It's one of those underrated treasures.

If you haven't played the game... It's a really cool action game where you jump through trees in sort of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style. Skeletons fall from the sky and every two stages, your sword extends! Yay!

6. Cystalis

System: NES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $4.95

Another extremely underrated game. I didn't discover it until I started getting into emulation though. It has to be one of the most beautiful games on the NES as well. I'm still not sure how SNK did it, there are so many different colors and things. It definitely pushes the hardware.

If you haven't played the game... it's one of the best Zelda clones ever with an original story, armor and equipment, along with the ability to level up your stats and get new types of swords. It's totally the $4.95 I payed for it.

7. Bad Dudes

System: NES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $1.95


If you haven't played the game... you're not bad enough.

It took a long time to make a new post, but it's been an awesome few weeks and I love my NES to the max! I'll try to update more, especially since it's cheaper to buy NES games so I'll be getting more of them.
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10/10/08- MASSIVE update! NES and loads of games.
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