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Metal Gear Online MEME Preview and Movie: Get your Mustaches, Eyepatches, Bandanas, and... Afros?

Since no one dares visit the MGO website for updates, it's a shame that someone updated and uploaded the website with NEW CONTENT concerning TGS and the MEME Expansion.


And click this link for the movie:
Standard Def
High Def (Warning, may not fit in page)

Say what you want about this flawed Online Shooter, it still makes the best trailers.


Three new stages:
Silo Sunset (Remake of MGO:PO Map)
Forest Firefight (Remake of MGO1 Map)
Winter Warehouse (New Stage for Snow Camo users)

New Custom Characters: Mei Ling (Uses SOP Search and SOP Airstrike) and Revolver Ocelot (Use SOP Destab and SOP Lock)

New Outfits including Mustaches, Eyepatches, Bandanas, Crocodile Masks, Sunny's Flower, and Afros.

And... Ghillie Suits? (Tree Monsters on 'To Catch a Prediator')

I still play MGO on the weekends in a CEREAL group for Rewards Points, so will this repique anyone's interest? As long as there isn't another purchasing fiasco, I'm in.

The site will also feature the Finals of the MGO Tournament on Saturday.
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